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Shimmery candles.... Satiny sheets.... Sexy lingerie.... A tender touch....

Remember when you began dating your wife or girlfriend?

Those moments when the touch of her hair, the wisp of a kiss or the electricity you felt when holding hands?

Do you still feel the same way or do you feel that you are missing some of those feelings?

Of course you still love your mate, probably more than ever before, but unfortunately most of the excitement has, somehow, disappeared.

You have fallen into the same day, in, day out, doldrums. Time has passed and you are into a routine, and by doing so have lost that special feeling you got just by smelling her scent or hearing her voice.

Well, stop thinking about "what was" and start putting some of the excitement and romance back into your life !

Many successful couples, who have been together for many years, know the secret of a successful relationship is always finding ways to keep it fresh, and what I am going to discuss is just one way that you can put the "oomph" back into your lives .

Have you ever felt the smoothness and delicate touch that a silk blouse gives?
That shimmery fabric which is so delicate to the touch and sexy, clinging to her body?

It is no wonder that the sexiest looking lingerie is made of silk or a satiny material. So, why not give your loved one a delicate item to share with you in the bedroom.

Watch her as she wears this item and as she caresses you with the feel of the garment against your skin. This, for sure, can bring excitement to your life but there is something else you can share equally, which should give you even more pleasure and a sense of heightened desire.

That "something else" is satin sheets. The smoothness of the fabric, cool against your skin, as your bodies glide across this wonderful material, creating a sensual and exciting moment.

Wow, it is such a turn-on! Prepare the moment by putting these fantastic feeling sheets on your bed.

Have some sexy lingerie laid out for your mate and light some scented candles to set the mood.

When you first crawl under the sheets it feels a bit cool, but they warm up quickly from the heat of your bodies, full of sexual desire.

The feeling of silky satin all around you is so enticing and very erotic.

Shimmery candles.... Satiny sheets.... Sexy lingerie.... A tender touch....

Are you becoming heady, your desires welling up? Welcome to this magic moment!

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As a retired police sergeant, I am very pessimestic when I read anything...but you addressed questions that frankly I have tried to analyze over and over in my head before my return trip to Russia.

By the way, your American husband is a lucky man. You sound very sincere, loving, and caring in your books. Hope you hear from you soon...G.P.

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